Brand New Closet System

So, I have neglected this blog for some time. Basically, I forgot that I should be doing it since the shop has been so busy. I was discussing advertising ideas over the weekend and was reminded that this part of social media is expected.

In my defense, I guess I am too used to the old ways of advertising. We used to pay a fortune for Yellow Pages and newspaper ads that didn’t require too much thought. Basically, we would create the ad and run it whenever it was best suited, as far as newspapers went, and for Yellow Pages, we just created an annual logo-type picture with hours of operation and location.

Anyway, I did create this blog post that was supposed to be posted back when I created the very first one (January 2020) but never did post due to the calamity around COVID. It is late in the introduction phase now since I have been selling it since 2020, but as they say, “better late than never!”



Brand new closet system!

Hopefully, I have a few readers left after the first post.

A big part of giving value to our customers is finding new exceptional products for you to add to your homes. Today, I received samples of just that — an exceptional and easy-to-install system that I am certain will be extremely popular for years to come. The product is called “Select” and is made by the same people that brought you freedomRail, Organized Living. You can find more information here: Organized Living Select.

You may recognize the design of this system from other organization companies in the past, but Space Age Shelving never offered something like this because we never found a system with high enough quality to meet our gold standards. The new Select system by Organized Living gives you a beautiful aesthetic while also providing the high quality and customization you can expect from Organized Living products. It is strong enough to hold everything you could possibly need while still giving you the designer look you had imagined. Here is a link to the installation video that Organized Living has posted so you can get a better idea of how the product works: Select Installation Video.

The product is ¾” furniture-grade melamine and is currently available in White. The drawers are 18”, 24”, and 30” wide and feature soft-close tracks and three available heights to suit everyone’s needs. You’ll also have your choice of flat or several different decorative drawer fronts.

I needed to see it personally to ensure it was what I thought it would be, so I installed the sample in our showroom in 20 minutes with absolutely no issues. This really is something that I am sure my customers will be very happy with. The design software is currently exclusively available to Space Age Shelving Mississauga, and we can create custom designs for you in the store if you bring us your dimensions. You can also send us a quote request through our “Get a Free Quote” option on our website, where you’ll be able to enter your custom dimensions. Once we have a custom design created, we will walk you through all of the features of the design to ensure that this layout will work for YOU. Everyone has different needs when it comes to organization, so we really like to ensure that it will fit your lifestyle!

Hopefully, this has piqued your interest, and I hope to see you in our new showroom soon to work with you on getting your spaces organized!