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Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with your family and friends!

Our store has entered the re-opening stage and I thought everyone should know how this is happening at our store.

Our door is locked and we request any customer arriving to phone the store so we can let you in. This will make sure that we can handle the right number of people safely in our space. Please be sure to wear a mask while in the showroom. We have hand sanitizer and we will clean all surfaces regularly to ensure everyone’s protection.

We are also taking appointments so that you can be sure that when you arrive someone will be waiting for you.

When it comes to picking up orders we will notify you when it is ready and have as always made it simple for you to get your product safely. If you prefer not to come into the store for invoicing we will accept e-transfers for payment to make sure everything goes as planned or just drop into the showroom and we will process your credit card as usual.

House calls are also ready to be booked for those that require us to measure your space and give ideas on how to make it more efficient. Our consultant will wear a mask and make sure he is maintaining the 2 meter social distancing.

Installations will be handled as normal but with the new standard of wearing a mask and of course social distancing.

Some of you may already know that we MOVED! Our new showroom is all setup and ready. It came together nicely and I think you will enjoy the new look. The new space is smaller but so much more efficient. This shouldn’t be a surprise though, since that is really what we do for you every day.

Thank you for reading this and I hope we see you soon!

Neil McFarlane

Value – as it pertains to Closet systems

Space Age Shelving Mississauga has been in the Closet Organization business for 34+ years now and we have seen many Closet systems and Closet Organizing retailers come and go.

When we began our retail store, we offered the vinyl coated wire shelving system that mounted to the wall via plastic/nylon mounting clips. This system (in 1985) was original and unique since it gave the customer a simple solution to creating a custom closet organizer that suited their specific organizational needs. The system’s value was in its simplicity, its strength (when installed correctly!), and most of all in its ability to provide more functional space in the closet by utilizing 2 levels of hanging without building panel partitions everywhere.

As years passed by, the system was changed by the suppliers and new systems were introduced into the market. The original system, to stay relevant in the market, was made cheaper through compromises on quality and it became less of a value to the customer as these poorer quality pieces started to fail. The value of the original system was diminished, and it was time for change. This was a turning point in the market and so we introduced the popular customizable melamine system that others were selling and we continued to search for something better to replace the original wire system that we decided to discontinue.

As newer more modern systems became more popular, we adjusted our product portfolio by eliminating the original wire system and introducing a “rail” system by elfa. It was still wire shelving but instead had an epoxy coating and a tighter wire configuration. This new elfa system was easier to install and significantly stronger since there were no plastic components involved. The elfa rail system permitted faster installation and a more functional closet since shelves could now be adjusted in height without taking the whole system apart. This system returned the ability of the customer to create more functional space in the closet by utilizing 2 levels of hanging without building panel partitions everywhere.

The new rail system by elfa was, unfortunately, taken off the Canadian market and we had to switch to the freedomrail system instead. This system was serendipitously more suited to our market, as it had solid and wire shelving to choose from and was even stronger than the elfa Rail system. Other companies had mimicked the rail system and different versions hit the market, but each of them had varying levels of quality. Many of these copycat systems had components that failed under strength and longevity tests, and we deemed them unsuitable for the type of quality work we built our business on. Our opinion was that the value of these products came from their strength and longevity, and so we stayed loyal to freedomrail because it met our high standards. With wire shelving, solid shelving and multiple drawer options the new system was perfect and became our mainstay. I believe we finally found the best system to sell.

The freedomrail system by Organized Living has a variety of products that can help to solve even the most complicated organization problems. They are continuously rolling out new products, so staying up to date on their newest systems has been our priority to be able to provide our customers all of the options to suit their organizational needs. The company that created the system, Organized Living, and the engineering of the components in their system is excellent and the quality is unsurpassed. This system is what we consider value for our customer, and it continues to meet our high standards of quality, creativity, and longevity

This was my first attempt at a blog and I will continue to think about things to add here and hopefully share some of what I’ve learned over the last 35 years in the business. If you’re interested in staying in the loop with new and exciting product updates from our company and our manufacturers, please follow us on social media for the latest and greatest!

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Hope you enjoyed.