Select is the new shelving system you are going to love.

The ease of installation makes it ideal for every possible Built-in you can imagine. Perfect for that cabinetry on either side of the fireplace, ideal for the laundry room and of course nothing better than a complete system for your closets.

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The system holds 170 lbs per linear foot. It is made with furniture grade soft edge melamine in white with full-extension soft-close drawer tracks, soft-close door hinges and comes with a variety of accessories to choose from.

For those that like it plain and simple it has flat door and drawer fronts and for those that like to spice it up a bit there is decorative fronts too.

With the Select shelving system, if you dream it you can do it!

This Select custom huge walk-in closet has everything any couple could possibly require. Drawers, shoe shelves and plenty of hanging space. Select is easy to install but we can do it if you prefer.
The Laundry room that is easy to keep tidy. Simply beautiful, perfectly organized and easy to install. Who wouldn’t want this laundry room organizer.
This pantry is streamlined with minimal drawers and lots of shelving storage. This one is a little bit more difficult to install with shelves meeting on different walls but with Select it is much easier. No worries about floors not being level or cutting out for baseboards. Just install the tracks at the same level on the different walls and everything comes out perfectly.
Select in its glory! It is a basic, simple, cost effective design, with room to add more, or not, as your needs change. This design gives you the same hanging space as you would have had with just one rod across but adds a huge amount of shelf storage.
Have shoes that you want to display so they are easy to find and keep? Select has you covered.
Here is a second view of that Pantry. See how easy it is to organize when you have the shelves to do it. Select is strong and versatile, yet easy to install. You can’t get much better than that!
Back to that same Laundry room but set up differently for the customer’s different needs. There are no drawers here, just simple shelves and a space to hang things that aren’t ready for the closet yet. Neat and tidy.
Back to the Pantry again but this time the customer has snacks to store. What better way to store chip bags than in an easy to see, easy to pull-out chrome basket. No more bags of stale chips here!
Here is a different angle of the first Laundry room image showing the corner hanging space hidden to the side.
Select Drawers come with soft-close tracks and are either flat fronts (as pictured) or decorative fronts as you prefer. Put your dresser in your closet and make more space in your bedroom.
Put that space above the washer and dryer to great use. Add open or closed cabinets and hanging space, or not. Cabinet doors are either flat fronts (as pictured) or decorative fronts 24” wide but open cabinets can be smaller or larger and the hanging space is up to you.